Teen With Made-Up Moves Wins The Hearts of BGT Judges

Britain’s Got Talent has seen some of the most iconic performers in the world find their place in entertainment. Whether it’s vocal Talent or a skill far more strange, the world is undoubtedly hiding some remarkable people. The even stranger thing is that true greatness is often found in the most unlikely places, and in this case – people. Here are the top three surprise auditions ever to surprise Britain’s Got Talent.

Emma Jones starts off the trio of must-see performances, standing nervous and unable to muster all her right words. With a little luck and a lot of heart, nothing stopped her from wowing the world, turning all that nervous energy into a gracious display of operatic power and range. ‘Ave Maria’ will leave your jaw on the floor. Next up, Dylan Byrd drops an equally astounding audition, with Luca Karlo’s explosive dance routine finishing off the show.

It took a lot of courage for each of these stars to take up the challenge of going on stage for Britain’s Got Talent, but the whole world is glad that they did. Every moment has you glued to these young entertainers as they overcome their nerves and deliver shockingly good performances that few can rival. What a way to make yourself known.