Michael Jackson’s epic collaboration with Timberlake

Released in 2014, “Love Never Felt So Good” by Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake was a hit sensation that lit up dance floors and brought joy to listeners worldwide. It’s an upbeat and nostalgic performance that transports you to a time of innocence and pure happiness.

In 2014, the world was a different place. We were in the midst of a technological revolution, with smartphones and social media taking over our daily lives. Despite this, music continued to bring people together, and the performance of “Love Never Felt So Good” was a shining example. The song was first recorded by Michael Jackson in 1983, during his fame. Unfortunately, the song was never released until after he died in 2009. The Justin Timberlake collaboration was a way to honor the late legend and bring his music back to the forefront of pop culture.

You’re hit with a sense of Americana and nostalgia as soon as the video begins. The opening shot is a close-up of a jukebox, setting the scene for a classic, feel-good performance. We then see Timberlake in a studio, moving to the beat and singing along to Jackson’s voice. The video seamlessly blends old footage of Jackson from previous performances, giving viewers a sense of his spirit and energy.

The performance itself is nothing short of electric. Timberlake and Jackson’s voices blend seamlessly together, creating a powerful and uplifting sound. The choreography is also something to behold, with Timberlake and a group of dancers performing classic moves reminiscent of Jackson’s signature style. The performance is a tribute to Jackson and a modern take on a timeless classic.

What’s interesting about “Love Never Felt So Good” is that Michael Jackson and Paul Anka wrote the song. Anka is best known for his “Diana” hit song, released in 1957. The collaboration between Jackson and Anka shows the power of music to bring generations together and the influence of past music on present-day performers.

Most fans may not know about this video because it was directed by Rich Lee, who has worked with other big names in the music industry, such as Eminem, Maroon 5, and Lana Del Rey. Lee’s unique vision for the video perfectly captured the song’s essence, showcasing both Jackson’s and Timberlake’s talents in a respectful and innovative way.

If you haven’t seen the “Love Never Felt So Good” video yet, do yourself a favor and watch it now. Share it with your friends and family, and let the music take you back to a simpler time. This performance is a reminder that love is timeless and can bring people together regardless of age, race, or background. Be sure to hit the like and share button because this video will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

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Michael Jackson\'s epic collaboration with Timberlake