Whitney’s soulful 80s hit “Greatest Love of All” will leave you awe-struck

The video is a true gem that captures one of the most iconic performances in the history of music. It’s Whitney Houston’s rendition of “Greatest Love of All”, which she delivered during the peak of her career in 1986. It was a time of big hair, neon colors, and fast cars, but it was also a time when music was most dynamic and influential.

In 1986, America was riding high on optimism and self-belief. The economy was booming, and the world seemed full of possibilities. It was a time when people wanted to dream big, and Whitney Houston was the perfect symbol of that spirit. Her powerful voice and commanding presence inspired millions of fans to believe in themselves and their dreams.

Watching the video of Whitney Houston’s “Greatest Love of All” performance, it’s easy to see why she was such a beloved icon. From the moment she walks onto the stage, she exudes confidence and grace, dressed in a stunning white gown that perfectly complements her angelic vocals. Then, as she begins to sing, the audience is transported to another realm, where the world’s troubles melt away in the face of pure musical genius.

The song “Greatest Love of All” was written by Michael Masser and Linda Creed and originally recorded by George Benson in 1977. However, Whitney Houston’s version truly made the song a classic. Her soaring vocals and heartfelt delivery turned the lyrics into a powerful anthem of self-love and perseverance. The song’s message of believing in yourself and your abilities resonated deeply with fans, quickly becoming one of her signature hits.

Despite the song’s popularity, many fans may not know that the teachings of Muhammad Ali inspired the lyrics. In an interview, Linda Creed revealed that Ali’s quote, “I am the greatest. I said that even before I knew I was,” inspired her to write the song’s famous line, “I believe that children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way.” The song’s message is clear: we should strive to be the best we can be, no matter our obstacles.

As the video of Whitney Houston’s performance draws close, it’s impossible not to feel uplifted and inspired. Her voice has the power to move mountains, and her message of self-love resonates even today. Her music serves as a beacon of hope and positivity in a dark and uncertain world.

So, if you haven’t already, take a few minutes to watch the video below and experience the magic for yourself. Share it with your friends and loved ones because everyone could use a little Whitney Houston. Let her music remind you that you can achieve greatness and deserve to love and be loved in return. And remember, as Whitney once said, “The biggest devil is me. I’m either my best friend or my worst enemy.” Choose to be your own best friend, and let Whitney’s music guide you on your journey.

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