Cher, Tina Turner & Kate Smith: Beatles Salute

The video features three of the greatest female voices of the 20th century, Cher, Tina Turner, and Kate Smith, performing a Beatles medley on ‘The Cher Show broadcast on April 27, 1975. It was a time of bell bottoms, disco balls, and Saturday Night Fever when the world was changing, and music was at the forefront.

The mid-70s were an exciting time for music, with the rise of disco, funk, and punk rock. But it was also when classic rock bands such as The Beatles dominated the airwaves. The Beatles had disbanded five years earlier, but their music continued influencing the new generation of musicians. In this era, Cher, Tina Turner, and Kate Smith came together to pay homage to the Fab Four.

The performance begins with Kate Smith, a renowned singer, and actress, starting with the Beatles classic ‘With a Little Help from My Friends.’ Her voice is soft and melodic, a perfect tribute to the innocence and sweetness of the original song. Then, as the camera pans to Cher and Tina Turner, it’s clear that they are enjoying the performance just as much as the audience.

Cher takes over the lead vocals as the medley progresses, belting out the lyrics to ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’ with her trademark powerful voice. Her voice is filled with emotion and passion and effortlessly hits every note. Next, Tina Turner joins in, her gritty voice adding a raw edge to the song, perfectly complementing Cher’s voice.

The three singers harmonize on ‘I Saw Her Standing There,’ each taking turns with the lead vocals. The energy in the room is electric, and the audience is on their feet, singing along with the performers. It’s a testament to the enduring power of The Beatles’ music that a medley of their songs could still get people on their feet and dancing five years after the band had split up.

The song ‘I Saw Her Standing There’ was originally released by The Beatles in 1963 as the B-side to their debut single ‘Love Me Do.’ It’s a rock and rolls classic that many artists have covered over the years, but the version performed by Cher, Tina Turner, and Kate Smith stands out as one of the best.

Many fans of Cher, Tina Turner, and Kate Smith may not know that the three singers had very different backgrounds. Cher was born in California and started her career as part of the folk-rock duo Sonny & Cher. On the other hand, Tina Turner was born in Tennessee and began her career as part of the Ike & Tina Turner Revue. Finally, Kate Smith was born in Virginia and was known as the “First Lady of Radio” for her pioneering work in the medium.

The performance in the video below was a true gem, a rare moment when three of the greatest voices in music history came together to pay tribute to one of the greatest bands of all time. It’s a performance that will live on forever, a testament to the enduring power of music to bring people together.

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Cher, Tina Turner & Kate Smith: Beatles Salute