Star Wars, Gizmo and All History’s Favorites From Richard Morton

Bringing laughter to the onlooking audience has become the life mission of many talented entertainers. Stand-up comedy is as much an evolving artform as any genre of music, or style of dance. We’ve wrapped up all the best comedic talent from America’s Got Talent’s fourteenth season. Not all are stand-up artists, but each is guaranteed to make you laugh.

Starting off the hilarious show is no one other than ‘The Cripple Threat of Comedy,’ Ryan Niemiller himself. If you haven’t seen this funny man who was born with ectrodactyly, then you’re in for a non-stop barrage of disabled jokes than only he dare touch. Yet, it isn’t all jokes that are contained in this selection of highlights. Wait until you see just how ridiculous dance can get when a granny gets accompanied by sassy backup dancers.

Whether you’re watching for the comedy routines or a laugh from an entertainer who just shouldn’t be seen on stage, you’re sure to crack a smile. These performers from season fourteen of America’s Got Talent are undoubtedly the brightest, cheeriest souls sure to improve your day with their infectious spirit. From rubber-faced Richard Morton’s trip through Hollywood to Jackie Fabulous, you’re in for a treat.