Creepin’ from Eric Church deals with haunting memories of ex-girlfriends

Country music superstar Eric Church performs his hit song Creepin’. His singing and songwriting have produced nine albums. Creepin’ was co-written by Eric and was the fourth single from his album ‘Chief.’

Eric starts out on a train track with his band in the performance video. There’s smoke behind them with a train parked on the tracks. Meanwhile, a man waits nervously at the train station.

He spots a woman at the station who is dressed creepy. It seems like he’s on a runaway ghost train with scary people. The song’s lyrics involve the pain of past relationships.

Eric sings the words, ‘Head for the future, run from the past. Hide from the mirror, and live in a glass. What dreams forget the whiskey remembers. Kinda like molasses in late December. Just a Creepin’.

The song is a classic country jam featuring heavy banjo throughout. The dark-themed lyrics are portrayed through the video imagery of a man panicked on a runaway train as he is confronted and haunted by his ex-girlfriend.

Creepin’ peaked at number 10 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs. It was certified Platinum after it sold over a million units. Eric captures the theme of creeping memories perfectly in his video.

Eric Church’s debut album ‘Sinners Like Me’ led to more success. His other hits include ‘Guys Like Me,’ ‘Drink in My Hand,’ and ‘Homeboy.’ Eric keeps turning out hits and brings his fans real country music.

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Creepin’ from Eric Church deals with haunting memories of ex-girlfriends