Dancing “Donald Trump” Gets Simon Cowell Cheering Along

This collection of performances highlights not only gifted artists but some of the craziest acts in the history of AGT. Each of these ten most viewed auditions from America’s Got Talent is something that you’ll remember forever, whether you like the artist or not. Most entertainers have universal appeal, inspiring with their words and personality as much as their showmanship.

America’s Got Talent is well-known for discovering musicians, dancers, acrobats, animal trainers, magicians, and all types of entertainers, but who would have thought that Donald J. Trump would also be found? Now that’s not the exact Trump that may think, but his persona is authentic down to the sound of his voice. If that riles you up too much, don’t worry. There are beautifully touching performances in this wrap-up too.

From puppet shows that are utterly addictive and equally moving to a man who could easily be the most gifted artist ever to appear on any show – this selection of the most viewed blind auditions from America’s Got Talent is sure to inspire. Kodi Lee is but one of the otherworldly stars to feature here, but if you haven’t seen the autistic legend’s discovery, here’s your chance.

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