will.i.am Malfunctions On Stage When Boy Band Doesn’t Have Instagram

This selection of blind audition performances from The Voice is sure to bring a smile to your face while inspiring with either breathtaking talent or side-splitting humor. Some jokes are intended, others are simply on-screen fails, but the majestic vocal talent that’s also highlighted in this reel is sure to have you tracking down more acts from these upcoming stars.

From the coaches being unable to contain their laughter just before a photo shoot, to the epic, authentic voice that couldn’t be better suited to the song choice made by Sheldon Riley – this is all footage you probably missed. Madonna’s hit is recreated with showmanship, stage adornments, and a voice that seems to ring out forever. This is just the beginning. Wait until later in this heartwarming clip – you’ll also see many other grand artistic expressions overflowing with emotion.

In each country featured, the talent show has been a spring of hope. This unmissable The Voice Rewind gives you a closer, more personal look at the judges as they can’t help but let go of the show while laughing their heads off. Meld these funny moments with remarkable artists jamming with the contestants, beauty in every bar, and infectious energy, and you’ve got something that no fan should miss.