Gabriella Quevedo’s “Let It Be” cover is profoundly beautiful

You will be blown away by this stunning acoustic arrangement of The Beatles’ “Let It Be”. Her smile is everything.

The Beatles’ “Let It Be” is one of the most popular songs of all time and has been covered a lot over the years, but never quite as beautiful as this.

Swedish guitarist, Gabriella Quevedo sits on her sofa with her treasured guitar in her arms, clearly a master of the instrument as she begins to fingerpick the strings.

As she begins to play, you soon realize this rendition is not merely a cover but is profoundly moving, filling the space with harmony and a sense of peace.

Gabriella’s ability is simply phenomenal. Her playing of the classic Beatles song is bright and clear, managing to capture the spirit of the original song but also make it her own.

The performance gathers momentum but always maintains a feeling of peacefulness and serenity. As Gabriella finishes her rendition, she looks to the camera and smiles, clearly happy to share her beautiful music.

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Gabriella Quevedo’s “Let It Be” cover is profoundly beautiful