Incredible ‘Hallelujah’ cover played for musician’s dog

Leonard Cohen’s hit song ‘Hallelujah’ is given an acoustic guitar update in this beautiful cover rendition performed by guitarist Trench.

The acoustic guitarist Trench has been making a name for himself with gorgeous covers of hit songs, using only his guitar, and this time he tried the Leonard Cohen classic, ‘Hallelujah.’

With a lovely acoustic arrangement and simple yet sophisticated musical stylings, he captured the essence of the original song while making something entirely his own.

Perhaps more important for his fans, this song featured another appearance from his constant companion and canine best friend, Maple.

She is growing older now, so seeing her sitting peacefully in a field of flowers or curling up beside her master while he strums the guitar, added to the beauty of the moment.

It was a touching and sweet rendition of the timeless classic, and fans of his music – or just his dog – will be pleased with the quality of the performance.

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Incredible ‘Hallelujah’ cover played for musician’s dog