Mozart on a banjo sounds so good

This bluegrass rendition of a Mozart classic is as impressive as it is surprising. This guy is just so talented.

The beautiful music of Mozart has stood the test of time and proved remarkably flexible over the centuries, but this banjo version of Serenade in G is maybe the most creative yet.

Showing his string-plucking-genius is Italian guitarist, Luca Stricagnoli, who is well-known for his incredible performances with stringed instruments. Here he chooses the humble banjo to perform Mozart as you’ve never heard.

In true bluegrass style, we see him stood by a barn, dirty vested, and a toothpick in his teeth. The image is funny, but he’s playing will astound you.

Using every inch of the banjo, Luca taps and plucks the strings, stretching his fingers impossibly. He makes it look easy but you can tell you are seeing something genuinely amazing.

The most incredible moment is when he starts playing the banjo like a violin using a tiny horse string bow! The sound is really something else.

The performance is a wonderful testament to the flexibility of the traditional banjo and the inspiring music of Mozart that continues to impress us today.

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Mozart on a banjo sounds so good