Tiny drummer Ricky Syers plays rolling stones classic

Drummer and puppeteer Rick Syers decided to challenge his skills by making an incredibly small drum set and wanting to perform on it as if size doesn’t matter.

Drummer and marionette puppeteer Rick Syers fosters the love of small things that make you happy. Be it a marionette puppet or a drum set, he makes perfect artistic use of it.

Not long ago Syers was noticed when he performed Rush’s ‘Tom Sawyer’ with his drumming marionette puppet Chops. Chops played the drums in perfect sync with the recording and amazed the audience.

Syers went on and designed his own ridiculously tiny drums that he can only play with chopsticks. All the parts of the drum set are fully functional, and the range of the set is amazing.

Not only did he include the snare, kick drum, high tom, and floor tom, but he also added parts like cowbell and unusual cymbals like splash and china cymbal.

In his drum jam, he demonstrated excellent drumming skills with precision chopstick rudiments and flares. He couldn’t stop but to show the sound of his cowbell by quoting the beginning of the Rolling Stones classic ‘Honky Tonk Women’.

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Tiny drummer Ricky Syers plays rolling stones classic