Jonathan Antoine touches hearts as hi sings “Io Sì“

Delivering a beautiful performance that will move you to tears, Jonathan Antoine sings the Italian smash hit “Io Sì”.

First appearing on our screens on Britain’s Got Talent, operatic singer Jonathan Antoine’s meteoric rise to success has been an absolute joy to see.

This cover of the award-winning Italian song written by Laura Pausini, “ Io Sì” is possibly his best performance yet. Making the song his own, Jonathan’s singing talent is simply phenomenal.

Performing solo in a church, wearing a rather dashing cape, Jonathan sings with passion and genuine emotion. Though in Italian, the lyrics of the song speak of finding hope when feeling lonely.

One beautiful and poignant line translates “When you no longer know where to go, I’m here.” Music transcends language though, and Jonathan’s delivery conveys all the meaning splendidly.

Jonathan’s undeniable passion for operatic music and powerful voice continues to resonate with audiences everywhere. People with talent such as this really are a gift to the world.

Some say Jonathan has come a long way since his Britain’s Got Talent audition, but we, like all of his adoring fans, have always recognized his greatness.

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Jonathan Antoine touches hearts as hi sings “Io Sì“