Glen Campbell’s ‘Classical Gas’

It is a nostalgic reminder of this maestro Glen Campbell, and this remake of Mason Williams’ song proves that.

Glen Campbell clearly illustrates what being multitalented is as he aces the guitar performance with this Classical Gas rendition, all while his fans listen, fully aware of his other talents.

Listening to Glen Campbell on the guitar, you might not guess he is responsible for country music hits like Rhinestone cowboy. It is owing to his unimpaired guitar performance.

It is a joy listening to Glen Campbell perform this Classical Gas remake. It is an awe-inspiring take on the song and necessary for fans to enjoy his talents fully.

After watching the clip a few times, this instrumental can leave one teary-eyed. Judging by this clip, it seems Glen Campbell did not receive enough credit during his time.

Watching the orchestra behind Glen Campbell, you can almost sense their feelings at the time. Being around pure yet humble talent is rare, and this maestro evoked these qualities.

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Glen Campbell’s ‘Classical Gas’