Iconic ‘Stand by Me’ given beautiful acapella update

‘Stand by Me’ is given the acapella treatment in this amazing rendition by the acapella singing group The Buzztones.

The Buzztones have covered some of the biggest songs in American music history, and this time they turn their talents to the iconic hit ‘Stand by Me.’

The soulful classic, originally written and performed by Ben E. King, provides ample opportunity for the acapella group to showcase their skills.

With several members of the group providing the musical accompaniment and a steady beat, three other members take turns on lead vocals.

The result is a beautiful rendition that manages to honor the original version while creating a unique style from a relatively new singing group.

Perhaps best of all, The Buzztones seem to genuinely love the music and covering such an important song. Their version will certainly bring new fans to the acapella genre.

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Iconic ‘Stand by Me’ given beautiful acapella update