Timeless ‘Always on my Mind’ performed by Willie Nelson

The Austin City Limits festival played host to the immortal Willie Nelson as he performed ‘Always on my Mind.’

Willie Nelson took the stage with his incredible guitar Trigger and brought the audience to its feet with his rendition of the timeless classic, ‘Always on my Mind.’

The beautiful love song had already been performed by such legends as Brenda Lee and Elvis Presley, but Willie Nelson contributed his own unique style to the performance.

With a raw and unvarnished singing voice paired with flawless guitar work on Trigger, Nelson produced a version of the song that would be remembered.

The fans at the Austin City Limits concert were awed by Nelson’s stripped-down vocal delivery and by the honesty and authenticity in the lines.

Overall, it was a gorgeous performance from a country music legend who always seems to be ready for the next performance.

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Timeless ‘Always on my Mind’ performed by Willie Nelson