‘Ghost Riders in the Sky’

Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson join forces as part of The Highwaymen, astonishing the audience with a live performance of ‘(Ghost) Riders in the Sky.’

The Highwaymen were one of the most beloved and iconic bands in country music history, and anytime they took the stage, it was a treat for their audience.

At the Nassau Coliseum, they performed their hit song ‘(Ghost) Riders in the Sky,’ a stunning song with exceptional musical accompaniment and powerful vocals.

Led by Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash, the outlaw country supergroup delivered a performance that would be talked about for years to come.

Johnny Cash provided his unique vocal stylings on the middle verses, while Willie Nelson opened the song with his own distinct style.

For the lucky fans in the audience, this was the chance to see several of the biggest names in music on stage together. It truly was the performance of a lifetime.

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‘Ghost Riders in the Sky’