Violin string snaps mid-performance

Kristine Balanas broke her violin E string mid-performance during the Latvian Music Award ceremony. How she handled the situation still has everyone impressed.

As Kristine Balanas was busy performing the Wieniawski Polonaise Brilliante No.1 in D major at the Latvian Music Award ceremony, she broke her violin E string. Instead of panicking, Balanas was composed and swiftly swapped her instrument with one of the players.

Of course, this made it easy for her to continue with her breathtaking performance seamlessly. After all, swapping your weapon is better than reloading it.

It was also quite impressive how the conductor slowed down the orchestra as Balanas swapped her violin and spicked up from where they’d left off.

Even with the unprecedented anomaly, Balanas handled the situation like a boss and went on to seamlessly commandeer the violin with such grace and skill.

With millions of views, we can all agree that Balanas and the whole orchestra showed their prowess in their outstanding performance of the Wieniawski Polonaise Brilliante No.1 in D major.

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Violin string snaps mid-performance