Female Singing Group “Citizen Queen” Shows How Girl Groups Evolved

Just like music has evolved over the last half-century and beyond, so have groups of singers. A group of ladies takes on the task of displaying the evolution of female groups from the 1950s onwards. The group’s name is “CitizenQueen,” and is made up of five talented ladies.

The first song that they tackle is a song called “The Sandman” which was sung by the “Chordettes” in 1954. The next song is the Supreme’s “Stop! In The Name Of Love,” which was hugely popular in the ’60’s. In the next 10 years the song “Lady Marmalade” by Patty Labelle is a hit. We’ve all heard the famous “It’s Raining Men, by The Weather Girls.

The ’90’s brought in the most girl group band. We get to see Salt N Pepa’s “Whatta Man”, The Spice Girls, then TLC’s “No Scrubs”. We all sing along with the immensely popular “Say My Name” by Destiny’s child and then Beyonce’s songs. The 2000s brought in the Pussy Cat Dolls, Little Wix, Fifth Harmony, and Danity Kane, and all were flawlessly mimicked. The video is well choreographed and has over 14 million views!.