Talented Young Woman Rocks Tool’s “Vicarious” With Epic Drum Cover

Youtube rocker and female drummer Brooke Colucci sat down behind her drum kit to cover one of the most difficult Tool songs out there: “Vicarious” from their ‘10000 Days’ album. From the first beats you can tell she’s a true talent, and she doesn’t let up on her killer cover until the last note reverbs into silence.

Brooke Colucci, or BrookeC as she’s known on Youtube, is a true talent with drumsticks. Just listening to her play this cover of Tool’s “Vicarious” sets the feet to tapping and the head to banging. Her playing is so flawless I had to relisten to the original to pick out where she made changes to the original drumline.

Brooke has always loved drumming. She explained: “My love for drumming started at age six after going to a friend’s rock-themed birthday party where they had a couple of local musicians bring in instruments for us to play. After getting behind the kit, I fell in love. I went home asking my parents for a drum set and a month later I got a toy version for Christmas. The next month I started taking private drum lessons and began learning the basics.”