One Out Of Sixty Students Made It Out Alive, Now She Sings

There are very few performers who are awarded the honor of being awarded a judge’s golden buzzer. The shower of gold that glitters down upon each button-press marking an awe-inspiring act is truly something special. After all, consider for a moment just how many acts are seen, appreciated, often helped along, but only the select few are gifted enough for this acclaim. Here are the most memorable golden buzzers from across the Got Talent series. All your favorites from AGT and BGT are right here.

A magician that has likely been plotting and planning for a very, very long time makes his mark amazing Simon Cowell – just wait until you see his face. Perfectly choreographed stormtroopers breaking it down in a dance crew act that’ll have you jamming along, and energy throughout each perfect performance that’s utterly expected. These are just a few of the magical moments that you’ll get to see and feel in this highlight reel.

The touching moments contained within this footage from the Got Talent series encompasses live’s changed and sole survivors, to The Champions showings of strength that’ll bring a tear to your eye. There’s no forgetting these remarkable singers and their much-deserved golden buzzers. Start to end – it’s electrifying action.