Demi Lovato Ballad Drives Judges Wild Turning Four Chairs

From the moment that you hear the first contestant Cassadee Pope own the stage with her rendition of ‘Torn’ it’s clear that these performances are going to be something special. Few stars can compare to these ten of the best female artists ever to appear on The Voice USA. If you missed any of them, you’d be glad we reminded you with this fantastic blind audition wrap-up.

It took Blake Shelton but a second to know that he had a winner on his hands when hearing Holly Henry singing ‘The Scientist’ from Coldplay. It has to be one of the fastest turns in history. Yet, just a little later, a different type of treat is waiting in the voice of Brooke Simpson with the Demi Lovato Hit’ Stone Cold.’ It’s a ballad that’d make Demi proud, winning her a full panel to pick from thanks to her power & soul.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, wait until one of the later tracks where Alison Porter sings ‘Blue Bayou’ with such beauty that it undoubtedly rivals the original. From amazement to awe, each of these inspiring ten female blind auditions from The Voice gift the listener with otherworldly harmonies, and rich sound distinctive of a legend in the making.