Daft Punk Recreated On Harp Drives Crowd Wild & This Is Just One Act

Each of these ten blind auditions from The Voice contests around the world rewards one with otherworldly talent that never ceases to astound. From pop opera to a harp performance, Eminem on piano and even ‘Another Brick in the Wall’ – this is a selection of performances that are as addictive to watch as they are to listen to. Here’s a look at the top ten weird and wonderful blind auditions from The Voice Global.

There’s no denying just how special each of these acts is. Just look at the way that Anna McLuckie from the UK takes the Daft Punk hit ‘Get Lucky’ and turns it into something that sounds sent straight from heaven for the strings of her harp, and the sweet sound of her voice. You’ll agree that there is nothing else like it – uniqueness equally matched by every artist in this compilation.

From Melanie Martinez, who would easily be the most famous person to compete on The Voice, to a version of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ that transforms the classic track into something unimaginably different, but just as catchy, these ten weird and wonderful auditions is sure to entertain. There are artists from all around the world, with all the best performances highlighted.