Ryan Niemiller Returns to AGT Champions Funnier Than Ever

Ryan Niemiller reached global acclaim thanks to his all-too-funny jokes that somehow aren’t supposed to be laughed at. No matter how you see his comedy, it just got even better as the fan-favorite comedian appeared once again but this time on the grandest stage of them all. His stand-up routine on America’s Got Talent: The Champions was better than ever.

After taking third place in America’s Got Talent, Niemiller openly admits that he is keen to do better this time around. How would you react if you had to hit someone like Ryan with a semi-truck? Well, you’ll soon find out how this quick-witted comedian capitalized on his accident, turning the situation around in a hilarious outcome.

Should a disabled person joke about being disabled? Comedian, Ryan Niemiller sure seems to think so. His jokes always seem to work, with every performance so far getting better and better. It’s more of the same but with all new energy, and even funnier observations taking things to a new high for America’s Got Talent: The Champions.