One man sings male and female parts of ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Performer Brian Esposito perfectly recreates the song ‘Belle’ from Beauty and the Beast – right down to each townsperson. He performs the whole song by himself!

Karaoke is always a mixed bag. You never know if you’re going to get a fun sing-along or an absolutely stunning performance. On rare occasions, you get both. That’s what the guests at the Stardust Diner got on this occasion.

Brian Esposito has spent his free time well. He’s memorized every word, voice, and melody from the opening song of the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast. The song, ‘Belle’, features several townsfolk and multiple vocal parts.

Esposito delivers them all flawlessly. Moreover, he does it while running around the diner floor and acting out each part in an exaggerated, animated faction. It’s hilarious to watch, and it’s great fun!

Most impressive is the way he switches between the deep notes of Gaston’s voice and Belle’s much higher pitch effortlessly. His voice doesn’t seem to require any time to switch between those voices.

He sure has an amazing vocal range. There seems to be no limit to how high or low he can go, and he has an amazing quality as a performer. Maybe one day we’ll see Brian Esposito on Broadway!

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One man sings male and female parts of ‘Beauty and the Beast’