Irish brothers perform lightening-fast Riverdance

Rapping collides with tapping when these two Irish step dancers take their fancy footwork to the speed of Busta Rhymes’ mad mouth work.

The first thing your brain says is “Wait, that isn’t Irish music.” The second thing your brain says is “Wait. These guys are pretty darn good!!!” These Irish brothers keep in sync with the music’s faster-than-sound enunciations.

The stellar act is drawing comments like “I’ve never seen that kind of step-dancing,” from people that were actively involved in the style of dance.

We can only wonder what Busta Rhymes himself thinks of this set of feet that can keep up with his mad lip-licks.

Besides a grand display of technical skill, the video is also a reminder that music doesn’t have to fit snugly in a strict set of boundaries. Crossovers like this are fresh and invigorating.

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