‘Moron Brothers’ sing about an outhouse and an electric fence

You know what they say about electric fences. If you don’t, the Moron Brothers will tell you. If you can stop laughing long enough to listen, that is.

When it comes to clean fun and bluegrass, no one beats The Moron Brothers. This is yet another of their catchy original songs that we just can’t get enough of.

‘Electric Fence’ tells a story of misfortune, starting with their Pa’s frustration over their family mule escaping his pen over and over again. The boy snuck out and installed an electric fence to make sure he would stay put.

The problem is, they didn’t tell their Pa! One night, in a rush to get to the outhouse, he gets caught up in the electric fence, leading to a hilarious sequence of events that had us rolling on the floor.

The Moron Brothers are a southern comedy duo that writes original songs, performs country skits, and brings some of that good ol’ country boy energy to entertainment. It’s a great combination, and their success is proof of that!

This original song has about 300k views, but some of their others are more widely popular. They have tons of songs, jokes, and comedy skits available on their Youtube channel and website. It’s clean fun for the whole family.

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‘Moron Brothers’ sing about an outhouse and an electric fence