Unconventional dance routine forces judges to their feet

They won first place, and it is absolutely deserved. They’re so energetic! Together, they twirl and step their way across the stage flawlessly. The choreography is on point!

Ben Morris and Jennifer DeLuca have been dancing together for a long time now, and their synchronization certainly shows it. They usually do traditional swing dances, but this time they went a bit off the book.

This rousing, energetic performance to ‘One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer’ has them spinning, twirling, and shaking across the stage. The Capital Swing Dancers event had all eyes on this wonderful pair as the dance began.

After using Jennifer’s hand as a microphone for the beginning of the song, Ben and Jennifer launched into a quick routine that focused on the beat of the music. They weave around each other, creating interesting shapes and clever steps.

At one point, Jennifer starts spinning… and doesn’t stop! Ben’s guiding hands keep her right where she needs to be. She immediately goes into a complicated dance-step pattern without any signs of dizziness.

As the song goes on, they don’t slow down. When the music ends and finds them in an artful pile on the stage, they quickly hop up, take a bow, and celebrate their performance. It’s no wonder that this routine won first place in this competition.

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Unconventional dance routine forces judges to their feet