Bluegrass brothers and sisters uplift with ‘Rocky Top’

Bluegrass isn’t dead. These kiddos know exactly how to play and sing their way right into your heart. All their covers are absolutely perfect.

Sometimes, it’s easy to believe that Bluegrass is reserved for older folks in the backcountry. But that isn’t the case! Plenty of kids are taking up the country family tradition, including The Cotton Pickin Kids.

These kids are great with their fiddles, banjos, and more! The Cipollari children (at least 6 of the 11 of them!) have created this band, working together to create beautiful and lively bluegrass covers.

Three boys take up banjos, guitars, and steel-tops, while their sisters fiddle and strum away at their own guitars. While the boys keep up the pace, the girls chip in with the lyrics.

‘Rocky Top’ by the Osborn Brothers is a song about the simple life in Tennessee, and these kids really make you feel that old-timey nostalgia. The way they harmonize and work together really makes this cover stand out.

They have such talent at a young age. Apparently, the Cipollari kids have been singing, dancing, and playing since they were old enough to talk. That dedication really shows!

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Bluegrass brothers and sisters uplift with ‘Rocky Top’