Blanco Brown on Violin in Champion Performance for AGT

Tyler Butler-Figueroa is a twelve-year-old violinist who rose to fame in America’s Got Talent after managing to go into remission from cancer for over four years. It took him a long journey to get to the point of performance, but the world is better for it. The talented, driven artist appears here on America’s Got Talent: The Champions with a spectacular performance of the Blanco Brown hit ‘The Git Up’ that he sincerely hopes will impress Simon Cowell.

Tyler’s journey through America’s Got Talent has helped unlock his personality and potential, transforming the young man from an inspired musician to an inspiring star. From the moment that Tyler starts playing, the room comes alive. His act has it all from showmanship to precision choreography that makes you want to dance along. He couldn’t have picked a better song.

With a roar of applause, Tyler Butler-Figueroa concluded a performance that proved him to be a world-class champion once again. He nailed his audition, bringing swag and effortless style to a showing of talent that few can rival. This is a violinist for today, with an America’s Got Talent: The Champions performance of ‘The Git Up’ that’ll get you up and out of your chair.