Hear His Harmonica And You’ll Be Calling for More AGT: Champions Magic

Italian Got Talent winner Moses Concas is a truly unique performer whose humility and grace almost equal his heavenly talent. No one would expect the art that Moses creates everytime he puts his mouth to a harmonica, but this time around, he has infused something new into his craft – beatboxing has never sounded better than this rendition of Für Elise.

The beat starts subtle and slow, growing in pace as his harmonica reaches the melody and chorus. With subtle undertones of swing and a jazzy feel throughout, this is harmonica and beatboxing combined in a way that you’ve never thought or heard. He is a firm example of how creative innovation and devotion in an instrument can inspire a modern twist with contemporary appeal.

Fans were equally as astounded as the judges of America’s Got Talent: The Champions when beatboxing harmonica player Moses Concas dropped the first bar of Für Elise. The show carries a surreal appeal while one can feel his emotion and authenticity in every aspect of his performance. Will we see more? Fans were left hopeful as this is something that many feel was but a glimpse of his potential.