Tom Jones & Helene Fischer bring the house down with ‘Sex Bomb’

Tom Jones’ voice has only gotten better with time, and this duet in one of his most sizzling songs, “Sex Bomb,” proves it.

The inimitable Tom Jones takes one of his spiciest songs and adds an extra layer of heat by performing it as a duet. The other performer is Helene Fischer.

She has no trouble keeping up with Tom. Her vocal range and little sonic extras are a full toolkit to bring onstage. Her voice is a real Zowee to Tom Jones Zing!

She’s almost a Russian/German doppelganger to Britney Spears. She has had the best-selling album of the year in Germany for five years in a row and has done film.

Those are solid credentials for performing with Tom Jones, who has made music history with hit songs in the 1960s and had incredible staying power ever since.

Between Tom and his charisma and seasoned style and Helene with her rich voice and feminine grace, this duet of ‘Sex Bomb’ is nothing shy of an incendiary.

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