Cowboys and their girls perform a dance worth 5.4 million views

You’re in for a treat. That’s because you’re about to watch an amazingly talented quintet of line dancers from Spain who really got the moves.

“Lizard’s Angel’s,” an insanely talented line dancing quintet, perform ‘Footloose’ to an enthusiastic crowd at Greg’s Barn in Spain. This is a wildly popular bar and restaurant that serves up authentic American dishes and country and western dance classes.

This demonstrates the enduring appeal of American culture to foreigners. In fact, country line dancing is surprisingly popular in Spain. Each week, the establishment has four days of country line dance classes.

The performance by “Lizard’s Angels” was during the restaurant’s annual country line dance competition. The group twirled and tapped their way to a solid win.

If you check out YouTube, you can find other performances by the group. One of these is their dance to the song “A Country Girl,” which also took place during a line dancing contest.

I can’t wait to check out more performances from this group. I hope they continue to kick up their heels for a long time to come.

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