‘Blinded By The Light’ is PURE 70s funk

The ‘70s, man. It was the best of cars, the best of clothes, and the best of music. Remember that really far-out one by Manfred Mann, ‘Blinded by the Light?’

I don’t know about you, but I was seventeen and ruler of the world at the time when I heard Manfred Mann Earth Band drop ‘Blinded by the Light’ on the world.

The only thing groovier than the tune was the lyrics. I heard the song for years before I ever saw a printout of the words, and it didn’t help me understand much more. Heh.

It took me a minute to notice that the song came from Manfred Mann’s mouths, but it didn’t come from their minds. For real. We have Bruce Springsteen to thank for that.

He dropped that tune just three years before, but the machine just didn’t give him the recognition it called for, right? It was deemed a ‘commercial failure.’ Well, Manfred Mann to the rescue.

They needed one more track for their album that would shoot to single status, and they went with the song that didn’t three years ago. Ha!

1976 was quite a time to be alive, but today is quite a time to see too when lyrics to songs like this can just be pulled up in a flash. Maybe you never saw the lyrics to this song in print before.

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‘Blinded By The Light’ is PURE 70s funk