The Moron Brothers bring humor that is funny and refreshingly clean

You can’t help but smile when you hear this man tell a joke. It is country humor that is funny and refreshingly clean.

Two men known as the Moron Brothers have been entertaining people across the USA with their cornball humor and their banjo and guitar bluegrass music.

Sitting on a wooden stage with two rocking chairs, the men tell a joke about two men on a stagecoach driving across the open prairie.

When the shotgun cowboy exclaims that he sees an Indian chasing them, the driver asks how far away he is. The first man isn’t sure.

The shotgun continues to report on the Indian’s size as he gains ground on the stagecoach. The driver finally tells him to shoot the Indian.

The shooter says he can’t shoot because he’s known the Indian since he was ‘knee-high.’ Without cracking a grin, the men began to play music.