That beautiful moment when Elvis stopped his concert to suddenly sing ‘Where No One Stands Alone’

Elvis Presley passed away in August of 1977. Earlier that same year, he put on an unforgettable performance in Alabama with a Gospel song that he felt compelled to sing.

Elvis Presley was no doubt one of the true musical legends of all time. He could sing rock, country, even gospel.

It was gospel music where he poured his heart and soul into it all. It was February 1977 when Elvis was performing in Montgomery, Alabama.

During his concert, he stopped it and decided to switch it up a bit. He went to the piano and began to play ‘Where No One Stands Alone’.

When he started playing, the crowd cheered. And Elvis simply just did his thing and sang the song.

The sound of Elvis’s voice when he sings gospel is incredible. And it definitely helps solidify your faith in God.