Eric Church’s ‘Springsteen’ will make you think of the good times

There is no denying that ‘The Boss’ has some memorable tunes. But to Eric Church, could there be one song that reminded him of a lost love?

Eric Church’s song ‘Springsteen’ may be an ode to one of the rock genre’s legendary musicians. But according to the country star, he stated that it was a personal story where romance and music meet.

While it’s unclear what Springsteen song may have triggered some good memories into Church’s mind, he writes the perfect song that tells the story of two young people meeting at a concert and sharing their love for music (and even more).

This song was based on a real-life event that Church had experienced. After meeting a girl at a concert (which sadly wasn’t a Springsteen concert), the story unfolds into a love affair between the two.

But Church decided that it would be best to honor Springsteen in the most creative way possible. Every time he hears that one song, the memories come flooding back.