Farm boys’ parody song has the Internet roaring with laughter

The syncopated dance beat to this song is unexpected in a video about farmers and working in the country. It keeps the parody fresh.

“I’m sexy, and I know it” was a big hit for the group LMFAO. The humorous dance song joked about the sexiness of the singers.

Three young farmers made a parody of the song, renaming it “I’m Farming, and I Grow It,” praising their contribution to America as they danced.

The farmers sing that they feed the cows and grow the crops, repeating the phrase, “Gotta feed everybody,” over and over to the syncopated beat.

In the original song, “I work out” refers to exercise. The farmers changed the words to “I work out-SIDE” as they lift bales of hay.

In the end, the farmers walk off into the sunset with the pride and swagger of men who are proud of the lives they live.