Barry Gibb, Dolly Parton sing the classic Bee Gees song, “Words”

It is nice to see good artists who are also friends together. The emotional connection between them carries into their voices.

Barry Gibb is the last surviving member of the soft rock group, the Bee Gees. His newly released album is “Greenfields: The Gibb Brother’s Songbook.”

On the album, Gibb collaborates with different musicians to record duets of many of the group’s hit songs. He sings with Dolly Parton on “Words.”

The duet between the two famous singers, who are also personal friends, is beautiful to hear. Barry’s falsetto is complemented by Dolly’s soft soprano voice.

The song is orchestrated with a piano and violins, making the tune smoother and more romantic than the original, which also had a different tempo.

The producer said that he was in awe of these legendary singers. He noted his hands shook as he watched them sing in the studio.

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