‘Voice’ contestant croons ‘Prayed for You’ and everyone gets goosebumps

Here’s a gorgeous cover of Matt Stell’s ‘Prayed for You’ sung by the immensely talented Ben Allen. Watch the expressions on the faces awe-stricken crowd as they bask in the raw power of this performance.

Ben Allen confidentially strode onto “The Voice” stage, about to deliver a jaw-dropping cover of Matt Stell’s ‘Prayed for You.” As the band played the few first notes of the song, Ben momentarily stumbled his timing just a tad off.

He immediately caught himself and proceeded to deliver a mesmerizing performance that took the breath of the audience and judges away. He allowed the crowd to see a side of him they weren’t accustomed to, surprising even coach Gwen Stefani.

“Wow, Ben. That was beautiful. I love that song. I could see that as your song, doing stuff like that, it’s gonna be perfect,” she raved with obvious delight.

Ben’s hoping his performance is strong enough to earn him a spot on the show’s finale. His many devoted fans are predicting big things for this talented crooner.

If he’s going to have a career (and it looks like he will), he’ll always remember all the wonderful advice Gwen gave to him and the confidence she inspired.