Wobbly but willing ice skater shimmies her tiny heart out

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a cuteness emergency on the ice. This little girl will give you a heart attack with her adorableness.

Little Seo Eun Shin is one of the youngest and smallest figure skaters to take to the ice. But like the Disney universe that the song is taken from, she’s not a girl to be underestimated.

She makes her way out onto the ice in a figure-8 move that is as cautious as it is cute. You know that she’s got this from the way that she puts her hands on her hips.

Bit by bit she begins to move in time to the song ‘Love is an Open Door,’ taken from the Frozen soundtrack. Her head wags, her shoulders move, and then soon enough she begins to shimmy.

That’s about the point that she was won over the audience. She is a doll and her dance is adorable, but she isn’t finished. She spins in circles. She lifts one leg off the ice.

She was about to make one big move, but we never find out what it was. The precious thing falls on her rear. And you know what? She handles it wonderfully and keeps ongoing.

If this little cherub doesn’t brighten your day, then nothing will and you should call an ambulance.

Wobbly but willing ice skater shimmies her tiny heart out