From Miley to Ariana, Sia to Celine, Hello Sunday Can Do It All

Myla Finks and Chelsea Glover are both fourteen years old and together known as the duo ‘Hello Sunday.’ These songbirds are often mistaken for sisters but are actually best friends. They were the youngest duo to ever appear on The Voice, advancing all the way to the top thirteen thanks to performances that just kept getting better and better.

From the opening where they sing Keala Settle’s ‘This Is Me’ for the first time on the show to the stellar rendition of tracks like ‘Almost is Never Enough’ to Sia’s ‘Chandelier’ – everytime they appeared together their level of control increased, and so did they showmanship and style.

Despite having very little experience, the harmonizing sensation Hello Sunday managed to pull off one of the most successful, well-supported journeys seen on The Voice. With consistently high energy levels throughout, and voices that leave many convinced they should have won, it is hard to believe that Hello Sunday started with just one chair turn.