Sophie and Thomas make it clear: Swing isn’t just your grandmother’s music

These two swing dancers elevate the art of dance to a whole new level, keeping perfect time and executing jaw-dropping movements.

Swing is easy to forget about in today’s mainstream musical climate. The footwork of swing dancers Sophie and Thomas will make you wonder why the music isn’t more popular.

From the first moment when they exchange a knowing, almost mischievous look, their opening seconds are eager and tense like the burning fuse on a Roman Candle.

They’re like human metronomes, mirroring each other in perfect time to the music. It’s like clockwork, but then out of nowhere, sparks begin to fly.

Fancy footwork escalates into dizzying twirls that should demolish anyone’s sense of coordination, but they don’t miss a beat. Then their act becomes nothing less than acrobatic.

The wild crowd-pleasers suddenly turn dexterous, showcasing the finesse of a pantomime routine, as Thomas has Sophie walk on a vertical wall that isn’t there, just to make sure we get the message that swing isn’t your grandmother’s music anymore.