Neil Diamond gets emotional as Jennifer Nettles covers ‘Hello Again’

A beautiful tribute to Neil Diamond prompts cheers and tears from the audience. Jennifer Nettles did it again, and this time the world noticed.

The annual Kennedy Center Honors is the place to be for paying tribute to legendary artists. It shows that a lifetime of hard work will always be noticed, even when you’ve moved on to newer pastures.

Great care is taken when selecting the honoree and the person that pays tribute. This time around, the program selected Jennifer Nettles to honor the legendary Neil Diamond.

You could spend hours deciding which song in his catalog would be the right fit. He’s been active since 1962, so everyone has their personal favorites. Jennifer had a hand in choosing the song, and it’s no surprise that ‘Hello Again’ was the final choice.

There is a lot of history tied to that song, from movies to television shows. When Jennifer took the stage, her rendition perfectly captured the deepness of the lyrics, and its personal meaning to Diamond.

You can argue that this was the best performance ever from the Kennedy Center Honors. You can also make a case that it was the most emotional. Either way, a star was born tonight, and her name is Jennifer Nettles.


Neil Diamond gets emotional as Jennifer Nettles covers ‘Hello Again’