You will either laugh or cry after hearing this incredible Christmas song

This is one of the funniest Christmas songs you’ll ever hear. The tale is so incredible that you can see the shame on their faces.

Bluegrass is like a hearty stew that sticks to your sides. It’s filling, right down to the last spoonful. The Moron Brothers are so good with their storytelling, that you’ll always want to go in for seconds.

Their Christmas song tells a story about being kids during the holidays. Lights, decorations, and the expectations of presents.

They catch Santa Claus in their home, and apparently, Santa Clause has caught something himself. It doesn’t take long before the big twist from the story is revealed. It takes a moment to sink in, but when it does, the moment is golden.

That delayed laughter and ‘huh?’ feeling is what makes the Moron Brothers so good. They have a way of relaying incredible information in the most deadpan way possible.

The song was part of their Christmas special and has received record-breaking reviews. There is nothing wrong with a sweet holiday song. With the Moron Brothers, you’ll get the sweetness and a little something extra.