Jonathan Antoine pours his soul into ‘These Are The Special Times’

You’ll find it impossible to take your eyes away from Jonathan Antoine. This is what pure music sounds like with no limits.

Hearing a song in a different language is jarring if it’s your first time. Jonathan Antoine is a good introduction to music, even the words aren’t your native tongue. After a few seconds of watching the video, your mind will replace the misunderstood words with raw emotion.

This is the talent of Jonathan, and he has been doing it for years. ‘These Are The Special Times’ throws listeners into a world of wonder, where anything is possible.

Credit is due once again to the incredible team behind Jonathan Antoine. They created a magical video where toys come alive. Dancers Chrissy Brooke and Jaih Betote sold the performance well, right to the very end.

Production values are off the chart, but nothing new if you’re used to videos from Jonathan Antoine. The team just ‘gets it’, and does not cut corners when it comes to any of their projects.

Jonathan seems to be in his prime as a musician. That is an incredible feat when you consider that he is still young. If he keeps making hits like this, more people will take notice of his greatness.

Jonathan Antoine pours his soul into ‘These Are The Special Times’