Pentatonix brings in the Christmas spirit with ’12 Days of Christmas’

With the holidays going full swing, listening to ’12 Days of Christmas’ seems normal. Once you hear the Pentatonix version, it’ll never be the same again.

When ’12 Days of Christmas’ is done by Pentatonix, you know it’s going to be interesting. The A Capella group is creative enough to turn an old favorite into something completely new. After the logo flashes in the first few seconds of the video, it is a thrilling ride until the very end of the song.

The first gift is the usual partridge and a pear tree. But it’s the flair of the video that makes it an exciting gift.

Pentatonix shows some impressive video editing skills while introducing each part of the song. A single window for each verse, then simultaneous windows for the person that participated in each previous verse. It’s like watching a modern version of the Brady Bunch.

By the time you get used to the format, they go full Pentatonix. Uses only voice, the group turns ’12 Days of Christmas’ into a pop musical.

It’s always great to find new twists on old Christmas songs. Pentatonix is one of many groups that keeps things fresh during the holidays. With their new album We Need A Little Christmas, they’re making lifelong fans during the season.