Five Julliard-trained pianists and siblings impressively play “Sleigh Ride” together

Steinway musicians and Julliard-trained pianists Deondra, Desirae, Gregory, Melody, and Ryan are also siblings. Together, they form The 5 Browns and regularly perform together.

The quintet joined each other to play a busy but delightful rendition of “Sleigh Ride.” They each brought immense talent, bold personalities, and impressive coordination to their respective piano benches.

Tuned perfectly to each other, the five pianos sat together in something of a circle shape, all of the siblings sitting on the outside. The pianos inside were exposed, showing the beautiful woodwork and musical components.

The siblings took turns shining, as the camera rotated between siblings, so did the highlighted notes. And with the shift of visual, it’s easy to see that each sibling had a slightly different playing style.

Deondra, for instance, plaid with flair and concentration, moving her hands dramatically. Ryan, on the other hand, maintained amazing eye contact with the audience and was always smiling. Gregory’s attention was oftentimes held by his keys or his siblings, and other times his eyes were closed completely in passion.

After hearing them play it’s not hard to believe that all five of them aren’t just all incredible pianists, but they’re also all Juilliard trained. They studied at the school simultaneously, too. It seems that music will be a bond that they share forever.

Five Julliard-trained pianists and siblings impressively play “Sleigh Ride” together