Swing dancers take a creative approach to “Fly Me to the Moon”

It was pretty clear Tanya and Sondre were made to dance with one another when they performed a clean, creative routing to Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon.”

The dancers’ signature color seemed to be blue as they moved impressively across the dance floor. Sondre’s light blue bow tie matched Tanya’s dress. The duo also wore matching brown and white oxford shoes.

Their chemistry on the dance floor was apparent. They moved together well and each took their own moments to shine. Their movements were smooth and at times, it appeared they were gliding across the floor.

The dancers also told a visual story with their dance moves by mirroring some of the lyrics. When Sinatra sang “Baby, kiss me,” Tanya pecked Sondre’s cheek. In another movement, Tanya held up Sondre’s leg as he appeared to be flying towards the moon.

The dancers really got into the story, too. Both of them lip-synced to the majority of the song, kept bright smiles on their faces, and brought fun personalities to the dance floor.

The dance ended with a slightly modern twist. To three rogue notes, Sondre pretended to throw them at Tanya, as her body reacted to the impact. As Sinatra finished his sentence “I love….you,” the pair turned to point to the audience with big arms.

Swing dancers take a creative approach to “Fly Me to the Moon”