Two brothers use flutes to soothe the soul with ‘Hallelujah’

Wuauquikuna represents more than just instrumentals like ‘Hallelujah’. The brothers Salazar has spent two decades spreading their culture, love and music.

You’re not quite sure what to expect as two men walk along with a beautiful background. The water behind them looks peaceful, and the weather looks perfect. The two brothers walking are from Ecuador, so the language won’t be immediately familiar.

Next thing you know, they sit down next to a microphone and two wind instruments. What follows is one of the most awe-inspiring versions of ‘Hallelujah’ ever recorded. But it isn’t just about the scenery and music.

While Luis and Fabian are the musicians, their brother Raimy handles the behind the scenes stuff. All of it comes together as one and forms the group known as Wuauquikuna.

The Salazar Brothers started their dream over 16 years ago with a strong devotion to music. The sound was only part of the message, as their overall vision was peace, unity, and culture.

Their favorite instruments are the zamponas, Chinese flute, rondador, toyos, panflute, and quench. The brothers Salazar are on a mission to spread happiness and are nowhere near the end of the road.

Two brothers use flutes to soothe the soul with ‘Hallelujah’